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Podcast Guest Episodes

The Growth Gamechanger the Blueprint for 10x Success

Learn Ryan's philosophy on leveraging the untapped potential within teams to drive exponential growth and success.

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How To Grow More and Risk Less

Ryan Johnson joins the Positive Polarity Podcast to share how he helps transform the mindset of small businesses and creates win-win situations for his clients.

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A Game Plan for Business

Ryan Johnson translates athletic discipline into business success. As a former athlete, Ryan shares valuable strategies for sales entrepreneurs aiming to improve their performance.

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The Most Essential Foundations for Scaling Your Business

Ryan Johnson isn't your typical business consultant; His experiences have shaped his approach to business, and he explains how the principles of coaching are surprisingly applicable to leading a company.

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10x Your Business By Doing Less

Ryan Johnson, former professional baseball player turned business management coach, gives his perspective on empowering CEOs to focus on vision and growth through the power of strategic leadership.

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Refuge Freedom Stories with Ryan Johnson

Ryan discusses how Godly principles shaped his life, and, help small businesses empower their team members to multiply their personal and business success.

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How To Grow Your Business With Minimal Risks

Ryan Johnson joins Khudania Ajay on KAJ Masterclass LIVE to explore the secrets of growing your business while minimizing risks.

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A Conversation for Young Entrepreneurs

Wayne Landers, successful businessman and Business Instructor at the University of Central Arkansas discusses foundational entrepreneurship tips with Ryan Johnson.

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A Faith Conversation with Ryan Johnson

This is a simple faith conversation between Ryan Johnson and his closest friend Ryan Reveley. This conversation marks the beginning of 3Sparrows Executive Services.


That Will Nevr Work Podcast - Releasing April 17th

Host Maurice Chism, discusses Ryan Johnson's creative approach to helping small businesses become sustainable for years to come.

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Profit With A Plan Podcast - Recording April 11th

This will sure to be a great episode as host Marcia Riner interviews Ryan Johnson on how to help businesses grow to their full potential and top dollar!

Release Date April 23

Expert Ownership Podcast - Recorded February 21st

Ryan Johnson's conversation with David Benham, former baseball teammate, discusses how he helps small businesses scale the right way.

Release Date TBD

The Data Nerd Podcast - Recording April 9th

Host Tim Howard and Ryan Johnson discuss the importance of using data in business to determine both where you are and where you need to go. Ryan brings his unique data analytics experience from baseball and higher education to the conversation.

Release Date TBD