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Strategic Growth Forum

Equipping executive leaders with a strategic growth system that will eliminate barriers and get sustained results.

In partnership with Innovation Junkie

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Grow More.
Risk Less.

Fractional operations executive services to grow your company without the risk of a creating a full time executive position.


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Don’t let the weight of leadership isolate you and paralyze your company

Senior executive leaders face daily challenges that need to be handled correctly or else they will see negative impact downstream in 90 days or less.

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  • Missed opportunities

  • Overwhelming challenges

  • Constant time sensitive decisions

  • Operational Chaos

  • Stagnated financial growth

  • Budget cuts

  • Business sale or closing

Make optimal decisions and lead your company to sustained and increased growth!


Empower Your

Learn from other senior leaders how they keep their employees motivated and growth minded.


Optimize Your

Learn best practices from non-compete industries and markets so that you can be creative.



Theory and best practices combine to create a hands-on Think Tank environment that gets results!

Get Time Back To Focus On What Only
You Can Do To Scale The Company


Empower Your Team

Revitalize your workforce by aligning them with the company’s vision & mission.


Optimize Your Business

Get a customized business operations management system that will not depend on you.


Increase Productivity

Create an accountable team to execute the system to create a sustainable and scalable company!

Business Leaders Need Peer Connections

To Grow!


We believe that senior business leaders don't have to isolate themselves and can make better decisions with like-minded peers.


Identify the Problems


Commit to Planning


Grow Your Company

Are You Ready To Grow
Yourself and your Company?

Key Outcomes

  • Strategic Disciplines

  • Financial & Operational Disciplines

  • Profit Growth

  • Innovation

  • Organizational Effectiveness

  • Leadership Development

  • Personal Advisory Board for problem-solving & networking

The Process is Simple.





Get ready to connect, be challenged and grow!

Our Approach for Success

Each Forum consists of up to 20 business leaders (peers) from non-competing companies, made up of member companies across multiple industries. Group interactions are 100% confidential and provide a safe, yet challenging, productive environment for working through issues, exploring opportunities, and sharing best practices.

Innovation Core Values: Do the Right Thing, Take Action, Never Trade Results for Excuses, Go the Extra Mile, Take Care of Each Other, Have Fun!

Forum members gather monthly with their group for approximately five hours, including lunch for in-person groups. This monthly meeting follows a fairly standard agenda which involves hearing updates from their fellow Forum members, exploring a specific business-building topic together, digging deeper into one or more of fellow Forum members’ businesses, and establishing specific goals, tasks, and/or accountabilities for the following month.

Each Forum member also receives quarterly, customized and targeted Executive Coaching from the Forum Leader, and the group participates together in an annual, full-day business planning retreat, often including key members of their executive

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Have questions? 

These frequently asked questions may help.

But if you have more just shoot me an email or message me on LinkedIN.

Contact Me

Why is there an application process?

Great question!

It's our goal to ensure that all forum members get the most out of this community experience.

So, we ask you key questions to ensure that your company is at the point where you can implement the business growth strategies.

We also want to determine your commitment level to help create a confidential and healthy peer-peer community.

The bottom line is, if we can't create a win-win situation for you in the Strategic Growth Forum community then we want to save you the time and the money and point you in a different direction.

What's the required commitment level for the forum?

We ask for an annual commitment so that you can get the most out of the forum.

We meet on a monthly basis and have quarterly 1:1 meetings with the facilitator.

You are expected to attend all meetings but if things come up then please communicate well in advance.

We understand that issues do arise and we will handle it with empathy and respect.

Do I have to live in Arkansas to participate?


If you live in Arkansas we highly recommend that you join us in Conway for the meeting.

We are centrally located and only about 2-3 hours away from any city. 

However, there is a virtual option for out-of-state participants.

Is there a cost to join the forum?


There is a $1,000 monthly fee in the 1st year and an $800 monthly fee in the 2nd year.

Be sure to ask about the pre-payment discounts that are available. 

What happens during inclement weather?

We will do our best to proactively reschedule our meeting if there is a threat of inclement weather.

Or if we have to we will meet virtually if there is not option to reschedule for that month. 

What happens if I get sick and can't make a meeting?

We got you covered. 

You can submit your input in advance for the group to review and give input.

Follow-up emails will be sent after each meeting.

In addition, we will do our best to record at least the core content portion of the meeting for you to watch and act on before the next month's meeting.


Why You Need More Than a Strategic Plan

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