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Read what our clients say about 3Sparrows Executive Services

"Ryan helped us establish a mission and vision statement for our business. Through this, we were able to see what elements of our business we needed to focus on and which we needed to let go."

JD Gray, Co-Owner & CFO
GrayWalt Properties

"Ryan has been an invaluable asset to our company. His guidance in establishing our processes and procedures was instrumental in streamlining our operations. We have seen significant improvements since implementing his recommendations. I would recommend Ryan to any business."

Derek Walter, Co-Owner
GrayWalt Properties

3Sparrows Executive services is the best investment any business owner has ever made in me as a person and their employee. I use the 3P framework daily to organize and execute, not only my work life, but also my personal life. I'm a much more effective person!"

Jon-Austen Lynch, General Manager
Property Pros Maintenance

Ryan is very gifted in leadership training. He is the reason for the increased success I have found in my business. I highly recommend 3Sparrows for anyone in a leadership role."

JB Brazeal, Co-Owner & Agent
Insight Insurance

"Ryan's ability to see the big picture helped guide us through the development of a long-term strategy undergirded by practical, short-term tactics. Ryan is competent, dependable, prompt and easy to work with—a true professional!"

Steve Crawley, Executive Director
BMA Financial

Working with Ryan has been a valuable experience for me and my team. If you are interested in strategizing and streamlining your processes, he is your guy! Time and money well spent!" 

Gail Murdoch, Owner
Cardinal Investment Group

Contact Information
for Testimonial Providers

Name Title Company Email
JD Gray Co-Owner GrayWalt Companies
Derek Walter Co-Owner GrayWalt Companies
Jon-Austen Lynch General Manager Property Pros Maintenance 
JB Brazeal Co-Owner & Agent Insight Insurance
Steve Crawley Executive Director BMA Financial 
Gail Murdoch Owner Cardinal Investment Group

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